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5 Best Phone to PC Mirror Apps [iPhone & Android]

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Are you looking for a great screen mirroring application for your smartphone? If that’s true, then consider this article as help at hand. As you read along, you will learn about the best five phone to pc mirror app available. So, ensure that you read this article carefully till the end.

Screen Mirroring is a modern technique that allows you to view all the content of your smartphone on any big screen, for instance, PC, TV, or tablet. However, in order to connect your Android or iPhone to a PC, you will require a phone to pc mirror app.

One of the most efficacious things about using such an app is that you can conveniently watch movies, play games, take up video calls, etc., on your PC screen. Hence, if you’re using any mobile to pc mirroring app, then you don’t have to feel restricted due to the small screen of your smartphone.

Furthermore, you are not required to set up a projector in your home or office to watch anything on a bigger screen. This article entails some of the best options for app to mirror phone to laptop. So, let’s start!

5 Apps to Mirror Phone to Laptop/PC

Due to the popularity of the screen mirroring feature amongst smartphone users, you can easily find more than a hundred options of mobile to pc mirroring app. However, not every application or software is good to use.

Hence, in order to simplify your search, we’ve curated a quick list of the best app to cast from phone to laptop. You’ll read about the pros and cons of each so that you can select the appropriate one for your requirements. Check them out here:

1. AnyMirror

Supported Devices: Android and iOS Smartphones

First on the list of mobile to pc mirroring app is AnyMirror. iMobie Inc. launched has launched this brilliant application that enables users to mirror their iOS and Android screens to the PC without facing any challenges. It won’t be inappropriate to mention that AnyMirror is not just a screen mirroring tool because you can mirror your smartphone’s microphone, camera, online media, and other local files on the PC.

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Key Features of AnyMirror:

  • You can use it to mirror multiple tablets and phones with different screens, audio, mics, etc.
  • It can easily record all the on-screen activities and audio
  • It allows you to take screenshots and stream to YouTube, Zoom, etc.
  • You can easily use this tool on Windows and Mac PC
The Main Interface of AnyMirror

The Main Interface of AnyMirror


  • It has various in-built tools
  • It is suitable for demonstration, live streaming, presentations, etc.
  • It is easy to use


  • It may seem pricey to some users

2. AirDroid

Supported Device: Android and iOS Smartphones

AirDroid is yet another mobile to pc mirroring app that remains one of the top choices for Android and iOS users. This application works as a great toolkit when it comes to controlling the smartphone on a PC. Along with screen mirroring, AirDroid allows you to transfer images, videos, and other files from an Android or iOS smartphone to a PC. You can make calls, send messages, attend remote meetings, play games, etc., via PC.

Key Features of AirDroid:

  • You can easily scroll, click and type on your smartphone through a PC
  • You can mirror your device by scanning a QR code, using a USB cable, or from any AirPlay-compatible device
  • You can cast a maximum of five devices onto a PC simultaneously
  • It works even with a remote network
Use Airdroid to mirror from Android to PC

Use Airdroid to mirror from Android to PC


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface
  • You will all the notifications of the mirrored device
  • It works best for enjoying multiplayer games, presentations, etc.


  • Some features are available for premium version only
  • It sometimes takes time to connect to a PC

3. Mobizen

Supported Devices: Android Smartphones

If you’re looking for a mobile to pc mirroring app specifically for Android devices, Mobizen is the best option. Though it is a screen mirroring application, you can easily use it for streaming games. You can control any Android smartphone from a PC by installing this app on both devices. It lets you enjoy videos, games, pictures on a bigger screen and control everything through a keyboard and mouse.

Key Features of Mobizen:

  • It supports wired/wireless connections such as USB, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • It allows users to record the screen of their Android smartphone
  • You can mirror your device via PC application or browser
Screen Mirror Android to PC by Mobizen Mirroring

Screen Mirror Android to PC by Mobizen Mirroring


  • It allows you to stream media
  • It is fast and easy to set up
  • It allows you to access call logs


  • It doesn’t support iOS devices

4. LonelyScreen

Supported Devices: iOS Smartphones

LonelyScreen is one of the best apps to mirror phone to the laptop for iPhone users. This application allows you to display your smartphone’s screen on a PC or laptop without any cables. You just have to run it on your PC, and the app will communicate with your iOS smartphone via AirPlay. Once you set up the mirroring, you can instantly share and view music, videos, photos from your iPhone on a bigger screen.

Key Features of LonelyScreen:

  • It is best for enjoying games on a PC or laptop
  • It turns your PC into an AirPlayer receiver within a few seconds
  • You can connect with people in a meeting room, living room, or in a classroom immediately
Mirror iPad to PC with LonelyScreen

Mirror iPad to PC with LonelyScreen


  • It is easy to download and setup
  • It is a free screen mirroring tool
  • You can use it safely on Windows and Mac computer


  • It may not support all the iOS versions

5. Screen Stream Mirroring

Supported Devices: Android Smartphones

Last on the list of app to cast phone to laptop is Screen Stream Mirroring app. It allows you to mirror and broadcast your Android screen to a laptop or PC in real-time. It acts like a dual-screen where you can share and view videos, photos, and other media live. In order to make the connection stable, it uses a strong Wi-Fi connection. The app has an intuitive interface.

Key Features of Screen Stream Mirroring:

  • It comes with various additional features
  • You can broadcast anything directly to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc. without any hassle
  • It has a camera overlay effect for streaming and recording
  • You can secure your stream with a username and password
The Mirror App - Screen Stream Mirroring

The Mirror App – Screen Stream Mirroring


  • It comes with a screen drawing feature
  • It has different settings to optimize the performance


  • The stream is slow


Screen mirroring indeed extends the utility of a smartphone. All the phone to pc mirror app mentioned above will help you make the mirroring process flawless. Each app’s key features, pros, and cons are listed here. Hence, depending on your requirements, you can select any app that suits your best.

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Roger Smith

Technique editor who has been contributing how-to articles for 5 years at iMobie. And has over 7 years of customer service experience with smartphones before.

Author Avatar Roger Smith

Technique editor who has been contributing how-to articles for 5 years at iMobie. And has over 7 years of customer service experience with smartphones before.

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