Why use AnyMirror to demonstrate your new app?

Get your point across

Produce videos easily

Get your point across

Get your point across

Whether you’re promoting new features, or guiding users to get started, help them get the most out of your app with AnyMirror.

  • Present straightforwardly

    Don’t just make slides that are mass of text. Stream your app to the computer screen, and show how to use it in real time.

  • Make it personal

    Present apps with phone frames, and set the background as you want to put a human touch on your demonstration.

  • Compare on the same screen

    Mirror and present apps for Android and iOS simultaneously to show the difference of interface and settings, etc.

  • Highlight with annotation

    Draw, add arrows or shapes to highlight and point to areas of important details on the screen that might be tough to find in a larger context.

Produce videos easily

Produce videos easily

Pre-record, record or edit recorded materials as product tutorials for sharing, educating, and informing your audience.

  • Pre-record guide

    No need to prepare lengthy texts to introduce your apps. Creating engaging content with recording and annotating is effortless.

  • Review content

    Record and send the demo to your audience for rewatching. When they forget some key processes, the demo will help a lot.

  • Enrich knowledge base

    With detailed videos, you can easily write product FAQs, guides, support processes, and more.

  • Share anywhere

    Upload your video to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok to reach your users across the web.

For teams in need of demonstration

For marketers, trainers, testers, and customer support to demonstrate their apps.

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