Why use AnyMirror to join online meetings?

Use your phone as a webcam and mic

Pre-record your report. Show later.

Stream in real time smoothly

Use your phone as a webcam and mic

Use your phone as a webcam and mic

Easily transform your phone into a high-definition webcam or a wireless mic with AnyMirror.

  • No camera? No mic? Action!

    Rush to an online meeting but no camera or mic around? All you need to do is connecting your phone to the computer. Show yourself and communicate effectively.

  • Flexible for presenting

    With a movable webcam or mic, you can move freely in your house while showing yourself or making a presentation via WiFi.

Pre-record your work report. Show later.

Pre-record your work report. Show later.

Turn your lengthy texts, various data, and images only saved on your phone/tablet into a video in advance. It’s easier to be understood by the attendees during the meetings.

  • Never in a chaos

    Save your time on switching between multiple files, and reduce the risk of overlooking vital data. You can present outcomes more accurately and efficiently.

  • Make your point clearly

    Verbal explanations could fall fat with attendees. Present the video to make sure that they fully understand what you’re saying quickly.

Stream in real time smoothly

Stream in real time smoothly

AnyMirror supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex Meeting, and other tools. But far more than that.

  • Choose freely

    Decide what you want to stream and how it is displayed to the attendees on your own. Share your screen with audio, or both your face and voice, or your voice only. It’s up to you!

  • Record with ease

    Record and save your streamings to review important details, or share them with those who couldn’t attend the meeting. No expertise is required.

For all kinds of meetings

Webinars, video conferences, online events, or onsite meetings, all of them can be more productive via AnyMirror.

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