1. How to install AnyMirror on Windows/Mac computer?

It’s quite easy to install AnyMirror on your computer. Please install it from the steps below:

For Mac:

1. Download AnyMirror on your computer first.

2. Click the downloaded file named “anymirror-en-mac.dmg” and open it.

3. Double-click the icon to start the AnyMirror installation process.

4. Click “Install Now” button.

5. Wait for the install process.

6. Once the install process completes, the interface will be shown as below.

For Windows:

1. Double click the file named “anymirror-en-setup.exe” you downloaded from our official website.

2. Please click Install button.

3. After you click the button, the install process will be initiated automatically.

4. Once the install process completes, AnyMirror will be started automatically.

2. How do I fix installation stuck?

Usually, installation stuck is related to the network. Please click the link to try again, at the same time please keep network stable.

3. How do I reinstall AnyMirror?

First, you need to uninstall AnyMirror. After that, please click the link to download and install it again.

4. How do I uninstall AnyMirror from my computer completely?

To uninstall AnyMirror on your computer, please follow the steps below.

For Mac:

Open Finder > Click Applications > Find AnyMirror > Right-click AnyMirror to choose Move to Trash > Right-click Trash to select Empty Trash.

For Windows:

Open Control Panel > Choose Programs > Click Programs and Features > Find > Right-click AnyMirror to Uninstall/Change.